8. Juli 2010

Current job and working towards a PhD

Currently, I work as a freelancer on web and art related projects. Develicious Studios Weber is the company name for this activity. Additionally, I pursue my PhD, mainly related to Motion Capture techniques. The MoCapTracker project is linked to this PhD.

Marker identification and tracking
SOM on a GPU to find similarities in MoCap data

Previous Jobs

After my studies I worked at the International School of New Media at Lübeck as a research scientist. As my professor changed to the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute for Informatics, at the Virtual Reality group, I followed him to work again as a research scientist at this institution.

This research was related to the DFG-funded project Virtual Workers. It included videoconferencing with virtual environments and character animation with virtual humans, especially for hand-object-interaction.

Virtual Human grasping a ball

After the Virtual Workers project had finished I changed to the FGAN e.V. institution located near Bonn. I worked there at the FKIE institute on ergonomics studies with virtual humans and telecooperation. In between, the FGAN institution was merged with Fraunhofer.


My studies at the University of Bielefeld led to a degree as Diplom-Informatiker (similar to a M.Sc. in computer science) in 2003. The main direction was robotics, whereas the main topics were covered by computer graphics, virtual reality, virtual humans and character animation, artificial intelligence and image processing. Topic of the diploma thesis was: Kamerabasierte Emotionserkennung für die Imitation mit einem virtuellen Agenten (camera-based emotion recognition for imitation by a virtual avatar). For the imitation part, the Max virtual human was used. Additionally, one of the student projects was to further develop this virtual human.

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