Other Projects

6. Januar 2010


During my studies I worked as a freelance programmer for companies in the vicinity of Bielefeld in Germany. These were symmedia GmbH, Fox LightWare GmbH, MediaWays and Telefonica Deutschland. Main topics were remote connection to a terminal service with Java, system administration and webinterfaces/-tools to databases, written in Python, Perl and PHP.


Apart from my usual studies and work and as one of my today’s hobbies, I was and am involved with projects of artists such as Ursula Damm. Current projects are a further development of 598 and the Fernfühler project.

These projects often include advanced image processing, using artificial intelligence to emerge certain behavior reacting on live images and programming the GPU. Even mobile computing and networking via bluetooth are part of this work.

598: Art work by Ursula Damm and me

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